360intersect – So Many Parts to The Whole

I wrote about the talks at 360|intersect Seattle 2013, and wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the other awesome part of 360|intersect. Sponsors. Millennial Media and Double Encore were awesome supporters of … [Read more]

360intersect – Looking Back. Moving Forward

I've been meaning to write up 360|intersect for a while. It's taken a while because I haven't been able to lock all the thoughts and ideas down that came out of that weekend. UNTIL NOW :) First some thoughts form others who attended. The … [Read more]

360intersect 2013 – Lose One, Gain One

Sadly, Erin Kennedy won't be able to join us in Seattle. We're super bummed. She's got awesome stories to tell, and has been rocking it lately with 3D printing pieces for her Robobrrd project. It's definitely a loss for us. We'll catch up with Erin … [Read more]

360intersect 2013 – The importance of inspiration

Think back to the last conference you were at, to the session you were in that made you think "Damn! I can't wait to get back to work on that feature (or product or component)" Not because you just saw the three lines of code that would solve your … [Read more]